Cantonese cuisine has a history of over two thousand years, and is heralded as one of the most influential of China’s ‘8 Great Culinary Traditions’ around the world. Known for its respect for quality ingredients and ‘qing’ or ‘fresh’ flavours, Puben humbly continues this tradition today.  The name “Puben” takes its shape from the word “Pu”, uncut Jade, and “Ben”, a recipe book. Expressing a natural connection to pure and fresh produce, raw talent in preparation and centuries of learning, the dishes at Puben are a reflection of this, made to be shared with family, friends, and guests.


Turning a page, Puben’s dishes are grounded in authentic Southern Chinese tradition, taste and history, presented in creative yet familiar ways. Featured on the menu are the full ranges of fresh seafood, barbecued meats, clay pot cooking as well as dim sum, all dishes that the Cantonese are famous for, and awarded over the years at Puben.

Achievements & Awards

2016 Shanghai WOW Best 50 Award
2016 Dining City Shanghai Restaurant Week ‘Best New Comer’
2017 City Weekend Reader’s Choice ‘Outstanding Contemporary Chinese’
2017 Dining City Shanghai Restaurant Week ‘Best Wine Pairing’
2017 MICHELIN Guide Selected Restaurant
2018/19 That’s Shanghai Awards ‘Best Family Brunch’
2019 Ctrip Food Awards ‘Best Contemporary Chinese’
2019 Shanghai BANG! ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’



Located in the South Bund district of Shanghai, Puben offers private rooms and a spacious dining area with spectacular views of the Huang Pu River and city skyline. Plan your events here for tailor-made menu and services for some fabulous personalized experiences.


No.2 Wharf Warehouse, 5/F No.579 Waima Road Laomatou Huangpu District, Shanghai 200010, China
Hours: Monday to Friday 17:00 – 22:30 Saturday & Sunday 11:30 – 14:30 17:00 – 22:30
Tel: +86 21 6339 1188


Ways to get to Puben-
5 mins biking distance from Xiao Nan Men Metro Station
10 mins stroll alongside Huang Pu River from Fu Xing E Rd Ferry Port
Call a didi and enjoy some city tour along the way
Or simply drive down to Puben, valet parking is available


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